Small businesses do not have the luxury of being able to own big stores or even manage their own supply chains. They need to use what is available on a day-to-day basis and get bulk deals on stock when available. The problem you might have is where to keep the excess stock.

Use Self Storage 

Self-storage is a great solution for small businesses for a variety of reasons. You can keep your Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or Carnival decorations in storage and decorate your store year after year. 

You can also have a backup location for storing surplus stock. This way, if you can only get a good deal on orders if you buy in bulk, or if a certain essential item that is always on your shelves isn’t moving as fast as you’d hoped, you don’t need to overwhelm your stock room. Instead, you can have an external area to put key stock items until you are ready to put them in your shop. 

Fusion Discovery has different storage solutions to suit everyone. We have Pallet storage and lock up self-storage units. We can also do storage of larger items in our open warehouse.

We can store items for 1 week or 1 year, or more, as needed for your business.

Store Documents and Records

All businesses need to keep records, and these can take up valuable space in your shop or at home. Consider self-storage for keeping accounting and tax records; previous year’s orders, plus any other paperwork you need to store but do not have space for.

We offer small spaces for Businesses to store paperwork off-site, in secure, dry conditions.

Use Data to Make Smart Decisions 

Most successful businesses will use multiple systems in order to perfect their business management. While an inventory system can help you keep track of what you have, data is going to be your best friend. This is how you can see the historical trends and purchases so that you can better predict sales in the future. This way, you can reduce overbuying and better manage your stock through busy periods. 

Managing inventory successfully may take a few trials and errors, but with better management systems, and off-site storage, you can take advantage of deals, always have the right items in stock, and reduce overflow. Use your data to tweak your efforts until you have a system that boosts your profit margins best.