We have systems in place to control your Personal Data, in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance.

  1. Your Personal Data is recorded on our Client Details sheet, which we send to you when you make an initial enquiry with us regarding your Storage Solution. This Data is used for the sole purpose of setting up your Client Account with Fusion Discovery Lda.
    This record is retained after the completion of your contract and stored securely in our office, in paper format. This record and any associated contracts and other documents will be destroyed after 5 years.
    For any enquiries that do not turn into clients, the documents will be destroyed after 2 years.
  2. Personal Data is used electronically within the TOConline Invoicing system, which connects directly with the  Portugal Tax Authority.
    TOConline Data Security procedures can be found here https://manual.toconline.pt/support/solutions/folders/3000019018
    The only other data we record electronically is clients email address and phone number, for purposed of contact the client.
  3. Fusion Discovery Lda does not record or store any other Personal Data of our clients. If you have any questions about this policy please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fusion Discovery Lda does not use cookies on our website to record any personal information or preferences.