The word Fusion descibes the combining of two or more element to produce a new element.fusion discovery

At Fusion Discovery we are literaly the fusion of knowledge and experiences from 3 countries; USA (Fernando Reis), Portugal (Rodigo Colaco) and UK (Wendy Manning), coming together to form a business that brings Solutions to others.

Storage Solutions - We can help at stressful times like moving house, or renovation work, when you need that extra space for a while. We can collect your goods and bring them to the facility and deliver them when you are ready. We can keep your car or Campervan secure if you are off on holiday for a long time and dont want to pay airport parking, we even offer a valet and cleaning service, we can take you to the airport in your car and then bring it back and park it until your return, much cheaper than a Taxi and more convenient than the Bus.

Home Solutions - We provide Solutions to your every-day problems with our Team of handymen and women. From fixing a leaking tap to building a Garden Gazebo. We all know about Fly screens for Doors and Windows buy why not screen in the patio or BBQ area and sit outside in comfort and free from flies and mosquitos?

Manufacturing Solutions - If you need a bracket for that shelf you are building, a gate repairing, a new stair rail or balcony or anything in metal that needs fabricating or welding then we have the facilities and the knowledge to provide what you want. We take ideas and make them into reality, you can imagine a sculpture in the garden or by the pool, we can make it turn into reality. How about a present for the one who has everything...we have ideas too.

Not aure? See what our Customers say about us.